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Justification By Faith Alone

Tweet Are we justified and saved by faith ‘alone’, are we justified and saved by ‘faith and works’ or are we justified and saved by only ‘works’? This is an all important question for which we should the scriptural answer … Continue reading

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Rome ‘Not’ Sweet Home – Scott Hahn’s Conversion

Tweet Scott Hahn’s conversion from being a Presbyterian minister to a Catholic apologist has gained a lot of momentum in the last few years. Scott Hahn’s conversion story written in Rome Sweet Home, narrated on CD’s and related on different … Continue reading


Water Baptism According To The Bible

Tweet Baptism is an essential outward sign that brings grace for a new life when a person receives Jesus into his life.  It is not a mere ritual that is performed and therefore needs to be understood. According to the … Continue reading

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The Authority Of The Bible – SOLA SCRIPTURA

Tweet               In Christian life it is very important to know the basis for everything we believe in, the foundation of our beliefs, the authority behind what we do – Why do we do what we do? Who told us … Continue reading

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Confessing God’s Word

Tweet If you are  born again by the water and the Spirit, you need to believe and confess the facts below because this is what the Bible says we have now as we are in a New Kingdom, the Kingdom of Jesus! … Continue reading

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Statues, Idols And Images – The Second Commandment

Tweet Do Catholics worship statues, idols and images? Is it right to have statues, idols and images in Churches and at our houses to help us in prayer? These are the questions asked by many within the Catholic Church and … Continue reading


Tradition vs Scripture

Tweet The argument on whether we should obey and follow only the written Word of God (Scripture) or traditions that have been handed down also has been going on between the Protestants and Catholics (and probably other traditional churches) for … Continue reading