Dealing With Loneliness

We all look for someone to really love us, for someone to accept us as we are, to understand us, to care for us. No matter how much some of us may deny it, deep inside that’s what we all long for – love, acceptance, understanding, care. But very often it just remains a dream, a desire. And in a world with seven billion people you find yourself alone and lonely.

No one seems to have the time for you. No one seems to notice you. People just pass you by as though you do not exist. Sometimes even the closest people – your parents, your husband / wife, your children – are so busy with everyday life and work that they seem to be ignoring you. And you have this question in your heart, ‘Do they really love me, do they really care?’ May be you’ve walked such a lonely journey through this life that life itself seems uninteresting to you. Sometimes the people you trust most betray you and let you down. Every side you turn to you experience rejection and a lack of acceptance and you wonder, ‘What’s wrong with me? What wrong have I done?’ You do not know whom to turn to and it makes you feel very lonely, miserable and even depressed.

 DON’T BE DISCOURAGED. There is one person you can turn to with confidence – Jesus Christ. Millions of lives have been changed when people in their helpless and hopeless condition have believed in Jesus and have experienced His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Jesus is not just another social reformer or spiritual leader who came to give some good advice to people: He is God. He came into the world about 2000yrs ago as a man, to experience all that we experience. He did not just want to remain a God in heaven, but He came down for us, and took the rejection, hatred and insults of men and even death on the cross for us, to show that He loves us and to save us from sin.

 Jesus said: ‘I love you with an everlasting love’. ‘Even if your own father and mother forget you, I will not forget you’

He did not merely say that He loves us, but proved it by shedding every drop of His blood for us and sacrificing His very life for us. As a man He went through everything that we can possibly go through – loneliness, pain, rejection, temptation, physical and mental torture and hunger – all because He loves us. Is there anyone else who will be ready to go through all this for our sake? Is there anyone who will be ready to die for us? Jesus not only died for us but rose from the dead on the third day after His death, proving that He truly is God, and is alive today.

Invite Jesus into your heart and you can experience His love today and be changed completely. He loves you more than you can imagine; more than anyone else in this world possibly can. He will accept you as you are – with all weaknesses – and change you into someone totally new. You need not feel lonely in this world anymore – Jesus is with you. You need not live in rejection – Jesus accepts you. He will not betray you. He will not let you down. You are precious to Him. He has given His life for you. If you have no other reason to live for, you can live for Him. EVEN IF EVERYONE ELSE FAILS YOU, JESUS WILL NEVER FAIL YOU.

Please pray this prayer: ‘ Jesus, I welcome you into my life. I acknowledge that I need you. Fill me with your love. I accept and believe that you died on the cross to save me, shed your blood to forgive my sins and rose on the third day to give me new life. Thank you that you love me. Thank you that you accept me as I am. I believe you can change my life forever. Thank you, Jesus. I love you Jesus. Jesus, lead me and guide me all through my life’

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