Finding True And Lasting Satisfaction

Why am I still unsatisfied ?

Is that the question you are asking yourself?

After achieving all that you wanted to achieve, after reaching the place and position in your life that you wanted to reach, after having the money you always wanted to have, after having a name and a fair amount of fame in your life, after having tried all that you wanted to try to make your life happier – are you still unsatisfied? Or maybe you have achieved nothing in life and feel you are a ‘nobody’ in this life and so are unsatisfied. In pursuit of satisfaction you may have tried everything possible – being with family, hanging out for endless hours with friends, movies, drinking, smoking, drugs, pornography and maybe even sex! But you still feel an emptiness that nothing can fill, a longing no one can satisfy. You feel you are still missing something. You feel that your life is worse now than before and there seems to be no purpose or meaning to your life!


Our Hearts are made for God. Our lives are made for God, our creator. Nothing that we do can ever satisfy our hearts fully…because it was made for God and God alone can satisfy us. He created us and we were made for Him, to love Him and worship Him but instead we just ‘use’ Him for our benefits – all we want from Him is blessing, protection and prosperity! As long as we stay that way we will continue to be empty, lonely and unsatisfied. In the Bible, in Jeremiah chapter 2 and verse 13 God says,

                  ’My people have committed two sins: They have abandoned me – the fountain of living water.                                                                                         And they have dug for themselves cracked cisterns that hold no water at all’.

God our maker is the fountain of our joy, peace, hope and satisfaction. When we give Him a place in our hearts and obey Him, joy and peace will flow like a fountain continually from our hearts. But if we do not love Him, do not obey Him and do not have a relationship with Him, then we are in truth abandoning Him and all the joy, peace, hope, prosperity and whatever else we may have, will all leak out eventually as water from a broken cistern…nothing will last, everything will be very temporary! And that is why in spite of having everything in life and having tried everything else we still remain unsatisfied. God loves us as a father loves his children. When we stop running our lives the way we want and start yielding to His tender love and the direction He has for us, our lives change. The Bible shows us that God wants us to enjoy our lives on the earth and be satisfied. In Isaiah chapter 48 verses 17 and 18 God says,

…“I am the LORD your God,    who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.
If only you had paid attention to my commands,  your peace would have been like a river…

 We are incomplete without our Father and Maker. Our hearts are satisfied when we understand His love and start experiencing His love.


God has demonstrated His tremendous love for us by sending His Son, Jesus into the world to be a sacrifice for our sins. Jesus came into the world, lived for you, died for you on the cross to take away your sorrow, your sicknesses and your sin, and He rose again from the dead on the third day to give you new life – life in its fullness on the earth and eternal life once you have drawn your last breath on the earth!. It’s through Him that we experience the love of God.

Jesus said in John chapter 10 and verse 10,  “I have come to give you life, life in all its fullness“.

Giving us life in fullness was the purpose for which Jesus came to the earth. Is that not what we all long for? But this fullness of life that we long for does not begin by going after the things in the world, no matter how appealing they may be. Religion and rituals can never satisfy us or give us fullness of life, it only produces emptiness. Life in fullness begins when you have a relationship with God, who is the source of your joy, peace, happiness, prosperity and life itself. And your relationship with Him begins not by just hoping for it or by praying vaguely, but when you sincerely ask forgiveness from Him for your wrong doing (SIN), for doing things in your life your own way, and when you start believing in Jesus Christ, the One He has sent for you, and in what he has done for you – His death on the Cross for the forgiveness of your sins and His resurrection from the dead: Jesus Christ is the DIVINE BRIDGE between sinful man and the HOLY GOD.  Then God comes into your heart, which was made for Him from the beginning, His love, grace, peace and strength will start flooding your heart, your life will become new and you will find the satisfaction you are looking for!


So, dear friend,  you don’t have to go through life empty, unhappy and unsatisfied. You don’t have to think of destroying yourself because of your sadness, mistakes or failures. JESUS CAN SATISFY. No matter how great a sinner you are or how far away you are from Him, He came for you, you can repent and come back to Him. He did not come only for the Christians; He came for everyone in the world. He loves you. Invite Him into your heart. He loves you more than you can imagine and wants to fill you with joy and peace that will surpass your understanding. If you come to Him He will never cast you away. He loves you too much to just leave you where you are.

Jesus can make everything new if you would just believe and give Him a chance. What nothing else in this world can do, Jesus can do. What no one else in the world can do for you, Jesus can do. If you have no other reason to live, live for Jesus. He will give purpose and meaning to your life. He has changed millions of lives over the years he can change yours too. He will give you the satisfaction you are looking for.

So, invite Him and welcome Him into your life and ask Him to change it forever and He will do it. Trust Him… He is God.

Please pray this prayer:

  ‘ Jesus, I welcome you into my life. I accept and believe that you died on the cross to save me, shed your blood to forgive my sins and rose on the third day to give me new life. I believe you are the Son of God. I believe you can change my life forever and give me Life In Its Fullness. I need you Jesus. Come and fill the emptiness in my life and satisfy the longing of my heart. Thank you, Jesus. I love you Jesus. Jesus, lead me and guide me all through my life’.

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